Thanks for looking at John Lacko's website.  As you can tell from the headings across the top, John enjoys many different types of photography and wants to share it all with you.

John Lacko is an editorial style photographer based in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Primarily, he shoots for publication,  people on location doing things.  John is 100% digital using Canon equipment. 

In 1965, John's interest in drag racing led him to photography.  Photographing people soon became his major interest.  John learned early the three unique aspects of photography; slice of time, point of view and the conversion of three dimensions into two and uses them as the principles of his work as he captures the decisive moments of human events.

John was a photojournalist in the Air Force for four years, shooting major events at Vandenberg Air Force Base for both internal use and public release.  John has studied with renown photographers like Ernst Haas, Garry Winoranbd and Charles Harbutt.

The federal documentary photography programs of the Farm Security Administration during the Depression inspired John to propose a similiar project for the Kalamazoo Valley Public Museum.  Once approved, the Kalamazoo Documentary Photography projects of 1984, 1990, 2000 and 2011 gave John the opportunity to organize and administer lengthy photo projects involving volunteer local photographers to record like in Kalamazoo for the archives of the museum.

For almost 20 years, John served the Kalamazoo Gazette as a photography contractor on an almost daily basis.  He shot major news, human interest, sports and special projects for the paper as it evolved into an award winning daily.  The most emotionally trying assignment for John was his extensive coverage of the drowning of a boy on a Fourth of July.  John's photographs have been published in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, etc.  Additionally, John has had work in Road & Track, Car & Driver, Autoweek and Victory Lane Magazines.  John shot all the contemporary images for the local historic architectural book, "Kalamazoo, Lost and Found."  John's photographs have also been used in numerous motor sports books.

With the recent decline of newspapers, John now serves educational and corporate clients with photojournalism, portrature and event photography.  Combining his interest in music and photography, John has been the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra photographer since 1995.  John also photographs the Gilmore International Keyboard Festival and the Stulberg International String Competition.  John's most recent Kalamazoo Art Hop photo exhit was "Rock On - 20 Years of Rock in Kalamazoo" which showed the best of his work covering major rock musicians and bands who appeared in Kalamazoo over the last 20 years. 

Teaching photography in one of the wasy John passes on his enthusiasm for photography.  He has taught at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo College and the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.  Now John teaches a variety of specific photographic classes like; Introduction to Digitial Photography, Travel Photography, Sports Photography and others for Norman Camera.  He also teaches an automotive photography class at the Gilmore Car Museum.

In 2010, John was awarded "Communicator of the Year" by InterCom, a professional communicators group.

Clients include; various Colleges and departments at Western Michigan University, Honigman Attorneys, Stryker, Kalamazoo Public Library, Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra, Gilmore Keyboard Festival, local public relations firms, Lambrix Design and Lam and Associates.



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