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John Lacko is primarily an editoral photographer based in Kalamazoo Michigan.  John specializes in  photojournalism, sports, performance and environmental portraiture.  John won the 2010 Golden Word Award as the Communicator of the Year from the local communication group, InterCom.  John is the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra and Gilmore Keyboard Festival photographer.  He has shot for 20 years as a freelancer for the Kalamazoo Gazette.  "It's not an offical event, unless you are here," jokes a local offical.  Additionally, he shoots for the New York Times, Zuma Press and other photo agencies.  John shot all the contemporary photographs for the notable KALAMAZOO LOST AND FOUND book written by Pam O'Connor and Lynn Smith Houghton, matching historical photographs with the same scenes today.   John teaches specific photo skills classes for Norman Camera. He is also available to photograph collector cars for owners and clubs.  See more info in Whats New.

Call John about your photographic needs, projects and ideas at 269  344-5588 or by email at john@lackophoto.com.john@lackophoto.com

For more information about John, go to About John.  All images are copyrighted by John Lacko Photography.  Publication licensing is available for selected images.  Prints are available of most images.  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. 

UPDATE SERVICE AVAILABLE  There are plenty of b&w negatives, color negatives and color transparencies that I will be scanning for these galleries.  If you would like to be notified when new photos are added to your favorite gallery, just email me at john@lackophoto.com.  Please mention Update Service in the subject line and the specific gallery that you are interested in.  Thanks!

Here is a quick index to just about everything I have on this web site.  Refer to the tabs along the top bar.

GALLERIES: Photos of car shows, races and museums.  Also some general interest collections

PHOTOJOURNALISM: Images that tell a story.

PHOTO ILLUSTRATION: My documentary work and personal work.

MOTOR SPORTS: Drags, Can Am, Circle Track, NASCAR, Open Wheel, Road Racing & more.  Lots of vintage motor sports coverage. 

KALAMAZOO: Historic and contemporary photos of my favorite town

TRAVEL: Photos of our travels to different states and countries.  Includes Route 66 photos by state. 

PEOPLE: Kalamazoo personalities; Kalamazoo musical groups; KSO and visiting musicians. Just added some portraits of familiar names to the Kalamazoo personalities gallery.

NATURE: Birds, Landscapes, Plants & Animals

NEWSPAPER: Published images from the old Kalamazoo Gazette.

SPORTS: All the stick and ball sports & more.

WORDS:  Some pieces I have written regarding automobiles and automotive topics. 

This is from a story for a European manufacturer of 3D printers that I shot recently. 

28June2016  Mark Peeters with his Ultimaker 3D Printer and his printed objects.

All material contained within this website is copy written and may not be used for any reason without the written consent of John Lacko Photography. For information on receiving authorization please contact: JOHN LACKO either by email at john@lackophoto.com or you may contact John by calling 1-269-344-5588